Ghana Water Polo Store

My name is Asante Sefa-Boakye, Club Director of the Awutu Winton Water Polo and this year we have successfully founded the 1st Water Polo Program and Club Team in West Africa, Ghana. Our goal is to increase African involvement in Water Polo as well as increase the representation of Africans and African Americans in our sport. Water Polo has played an integral role in my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to receive Global support from the community, and now with the assistance of Kap7 in pushing this endeavor. With support from the Ghana Swim Association & the Confederation of African Aquatics, we are eager to push forward and begin preparation for the 1st club season in Ghana. We will be most happy to include Kap7 and Turbo as we pioneer this historic inaugural season. 

Thank your belief in our vision, and we look forward to seeing you in Ghana.


All suit & towel proceeds will go directly to Asante's vision of spreading water polo throughout Ghana & Africa.