KAP7 Water Polo Weight Belt

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The KAP7 Water Polo Weight Belt was designed by Olympic Water Polo players to prepare your legs for competition.


  • Soft neoprene fabric allows you to go full contact with the weight belt
  • The belt comes in two pieces, which allows you to mix and match any of the three sizes of belts (5lb, 7.5lb or 10lb)
  • Can be worn around each ankle to increase range of motion in your egg beater
  • Can be used for swimming to improve flexibility in the breast stroke kick
  • Proven training tool used by the top athletes around the world for swimming and water polo

After every use, rinse off with fresh water and hang up in cool, dry place to avoid corrosion.


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510-5 KAP7 Weight Belt - 5LB

1 Review

24th Dec 2016


I am a polo player and a victim to this belt. Depending on the weight it can be somewhat difficult or extremely difficult. These belts have helped me improve my egg beater and overall improved my leg strength! I definitely reccomend this to every one who plays polo, it may suck and hurt but its definitely worth it.

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